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January 21, 2021
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Loft by JAM Wedding

A Loft by JAM Wedding

Everyone’s love story is different and yet at the heart of it, somehow the same.

Whether you are making your vows for the first time or reaffirming long held promises, you are inviting your family and friends to bear witness to your love in ceremony and celebration.

The Loft by JAM is an intimate space for an intimate gathering.

The balcony overlooks the river and the city skyline and with tropical breezes it is ideal for a relaxed ceremony. Your “ I Do’s “ will be the cue to pop the corks and begin your reception and celebration.

Slip away for some photos along the waterfront, allowing our waiters to serve refreshments to your family and friends.

Then be welcomed back to the 1st Floor Loft for your reception as you begin your married life together

Our menus offer an abundance of fresh locally sourced produce and an award winning wine list curated by Owner / Chef Matt Merrin. Our dedicated team will offer a personalised and seamless dining experience.

The freedom to create a celebration individual to each couple is one of the many benefits of being a chef-owned and run establishment and only adds to the joy of our hospitality.

Contact the JAM Team to discuss your Wedding.


matt merrin
matt merrin
Matt Merrin and his team work side by side to create innovative menus at JAM Corner on Palmer Street, Townsville. Having worked in some of the best restaurants in Australia, the JAM Team menus enable you to enjoy some great dishes at affordable dining. As well as great restaurant dining JAM can also provide a great venue for personal or business functions tailored to your individual needs. JAM also boasts an elegant private dining room ‘Luxe Room’ which is perfect for gatherings seating up to 18 guests.

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